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Group trips can be a hit or miss. Why should I go with We Go Too?

We get it, we get it. You’ve probably participated in a group trip or heard from others who’ve gone on group trips that it fell short of their expectations. You’re not alone, we’ve been there too! This is why we wanted to create experiences that brought together like-minded people, while still giving each person the freedom to customize their trip to their liking. We have a couple dope activities planned which will be great opportunities to experience Iceland as well as get to know some of the people on the trip….but there’s also plenty of “free” time to enjoy things on your own terms. At the end of the day, we want everyone to walk away from our Jetwork trips having seen and done everything on their checklist and looking forward to the next We Go Too adventure!

How many people will be on the trip?

We want to make sure there are enough people to mingle, while still maintaining a level of intimacy in the group. Our magic number is 15!

What if I want to break off from the group to do my own thing? Is there built in “free” time?

Absolutely! As mentioned before, this is YOUR trip. We’re only here to help facilitate the networking and fun! Every day we will have 1-2 Jetwork events planned which are the activities that you can add to your trip when you register. If you decide not to add a particular activity to your trip, no worries! You can break off with other people in the group who also aren’t attending or simply do a little sightseeing on your own.

If I’m coming alone, can I still book a shared cabin?

Yes! Based on your answers to a roommate questionnaire, we’ll match you with someone appropriate and put you two in contact before the trip so that you can start scheming on your turn up.

Is airfare included?

Airfare is NOT included in the total price. We recommend using an app such as Hitlist which will give you notifications when prices are cheap for the dates of the trip. In general, sites that typically have the lowest prices are Skyscanner and Kayak.

What’s not included?

We understand any trip is an investment, so we tried our best to include as many expenses as possible. The only things you’ll need to worry about are your round-trip airfare, any additional excursions you want to partake in and anything extra you may want to purchase on the trip.

What time can i check-in to the yacht?

Check-in at Laru Beya Marina in Placencia, Belize is at 12:00pm. Check-out is at 12:00pm on September 5th.

what if i want to do other excursions?

We've got you covered. We will be sending out a registration form to all of our confirmed guests that will allow them to register and pay for additional excursions. Mayan ruins, scuba diving, and zip lining are just a few of the additional excursions we'll offer.

How much additional money should I bring?

In the basic plan we try to include as much as possible into the total price to take the guesswork out of the trip. You’ll need to bring additional money for any alcohol or souvenirs you may want to purchase. The good news is US dollars are accepted at most places, so you won’t have to worry about exchanging any money.

are there payment plans available?

Yep! We offer a four installment payment plan to help take some of the pressure off your pockets. Find our payment plan information here.

Is there a deposit?

At the time of registration, we do require a deposit of $700 for one spot in a shared cabin and $1,400 for a full cabin. This will allow us to lock in prices for activities listed on the itinerary. Don't forget that your deposit is non-refundable.


We wouldn’t want you to miss out on this dope trip, but we also understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. We do offer a refund policy for those who have to unexpectedly cancel.

Do I need a visa to travel to belize?

U.S. and Canadian citizens may enter Belize and remain for up to 30 days without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. You need proof of your intent to depart Belize (such as onward or return air tickets) and proof of sufficient funds to maintain yourself in Belize

Where should i take out cash?

ATMs are the best way to get cash at fair exchange rates. But you may just want to bring cash from home since some islands we'll be visiting won't have ATMs.

Tip: Honestly, there's no need to exchange money. Most places accept U.S. Dollars. Just be sure to check which currency prices are listed in before paying.


1 Belize Dollar = 0.50 US Dollar (as of 2.10.17)

What's the electricity situation?

Belize uses 110 volts AC. They use the standard American outlet.



August 31 - September 5, 2017

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