How does this sound?

Sell out your next group trip.

Connect with genuinely engaged Black millennial travelers.

Get your brand in front of thousands of Black millennial travelers looking to travel and explore more.


Poppin’, right? 

It seems like everybody is hosting a group trip somewhere nowadays. Whether it's Cancun for a turn up weekend, Bali for a wellness getaway, or Cozumel for an entrepreneur retreat, new group trips are popping up all over the place, it's getting harder to stand out in a sea of trips catered to Black millennials.

And convincing folks to drop major coin on a trip or travel brand they're not familiar with ain't easy either. Trust us, we know.

That's why We Go Too has spent the past two years nurturing, growing, and understanding our audience. In that time we've discovered two things, 1) we have a dope crew of engaged and experienced Black millennial travelers rockin' with us and 2) they're looking to travel more and are looking for opportunities to travel that don't require them to wait for their friends to get their coins or PTO together.

That's where you come in.

Joining our Group Trip directory gets you exclusive exposure to our We Go Too Members. Put your brand and your group trips in front of your target audience.

And because you're getting in early, we're offering you exclusive access to our 23k+ engaged Instagram followers (we don't do this for just anybody y'all.)

Between now and the relaunch (July 2018), we'll be shouting out on We Go Too's Instagram account 10 International Group Trips for brands that sign up early. 

You're plenty busy booking excursions, building your brand, and traveling. Stop wasting your time hunting down your audience on social media. And stop wasting your money buying followers (we hope y'all aren't doing that *emoji eyes*) 

Let We Go Too's Instagram crew find, book, and buy from you more easily. 



Getting on board early gives you benefits two-fold.


1|Group Trip Directory listing

  • Get more exposure to Black millennial travelers looking for new opportunities to travel and connect with like-minded travelers.

  • You'll be in front of paying members of our soon-to-be We Go Too Membership. Members who are spending coins and who are looking for opportunities to dip their toe into solo travel via group trips.

  • Connect with frequent travelers who are always on the hunt for a new dope adventure.


2|we go too instagram exposure

  • One Instagram image to promote an upcoming trip or your company's brand in a carousel post on We Go Too’s Instagram feed

  • One Instagram image to promote an upcoming trip or your company's brand in a story (with swipe up feature directly to your website or blog)

  • Only 10 early spots! Don't wait!


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