We Go Too talks to Travel Stylist Rashawnda Daniels about why Iceland should be on your travel list.


Rashawnda Daniels is a travel stylist based in Atlanta GA. She has been blessed to travel all over the world providing hair extension services for everyday women. Her clients range from doctors, teachers, housewives, to grad students. Rashawnda began traveling internationally 6 years ago when she was hired to provide her styling services to a client in the Bahamas.



"I love the Blue Lagoon." Rashawnda recounts her experience at Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon as relaxing and luxurious. She recommends booking your appointment for early in the day since you will likely spend several hours enjoying the luscious water. Since we all know what we're REALLY at the Blue Lagoon for -- a tight IG pic -- Rashawnda recommends bringing a nice bathing suit with you, because although you can rent one from the Blue Lagoon facility, they only have a standard one-piece that's not very flattering.

Other tips Rashawnda has for the Blue Lagoon include buying a waterproof case BEFORE you arrive; those for sale at the lagoon were overpriced. Also, be aware that the lagoon water is warmer along the edges and that there's a perfectly cozy spot near the entrance that you MUST find.

Rashawnda's last piece of advice is to remember that the water is milky, so if you drop something in it... it's likely gone. "You have been warned," says Rashawnda.


"The Northern Lights were amazing to see,"  Rashawnda told We Go Too. "We drove about 30 minutes away from the city to catch the beautiful sight. Omg. It was pitch black... like... end of the world black, and all you had was the light from the sky and your phone." Rashawnda explained how magical the experience was and recommends enjoying being in the moment because your cell phone will definitely have no service in such a remote area.

One invaluable Pro Tip Rashawnda shared with us, "Be sure to download an app to take pictures with, because otherwise they will come out black on your phone. Search Northern Lights App."


Visually, Iceland looks really strange, Rashawnda told us. "Like.. it's kinda flat and rocky. It looks like you're on Mars or something." Volcanic rocks, bubbling hot springs, and green pastures make up Iceland's unique landscape. "Iceland is so beautiful. Be sure to bring an extra charger because you will take so many pictures!"


Rashawnda definitely recommends other Black travelers visit Iceland. During her time there she saw few other people of color, but our lack of presence meant many locals were excited to see and hear about her interest in Iceland. Iceland attracts travelers from all over the world, and Rashawnda believes that more Black travelers to this small country would help represent us in the global travel community.


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