Jetwork Accra Itinerary

Thursday, December 26th, 2019 - Friday, January 3rd, 2020


Day 1

Thursday, December 26th

We have arrived...and it’s HOT lol! After the long plane ride to the motherland, we’ll have our personal drivers pick you up from the airport and take you to our hotel. Once you’ve chilled a bit (aka passed out lol) join us at our welcome dinner where you can meet the other guests and commune over a delicious meal!

  • Arrive in Ghana

  • Welcome Dinner

Day 2

Friday, December 27th

Today we’ll be visiting some of Ghana’s most recognized sites and gaining a deeper understanding of the country’s rich history. We’ll start at the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum to learn more about the prominent leader who some scholars call the "genesis" of the actual History Of Ghana. From there, we’ll head to Independence Square where we’ll be able to see some of the incredible monuments that were erected to commemorate Ghana’s struggle for independence. Lastly, we’ll visit the Dubois Center which was the home, library and final resting place of American-born crusader for social justice, William Edward Burghardt DuBois.

  • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

  • Independent Square

  • Dubois Center

  • Meet with Ghana historians

Day 3

Saturday, December 28th

Make sure you wear comfy shoes because we’ll be hittin’ the bustling streets of Accra to do some shopping. Once you’ve picked up a couple of dope finds and an outfit or two...we’re off to Afrochella! You will get your ENTIRE life here vibing to live performances, tasting delicious food from around the continent, connecting with other festival goers and most importantly...celebrating your blackness!

  • Shopping Day

  • Afrochella

Rest up, kings & queens.We know Afrochella probably wore you out (in the best possible way lol) so today we’re layin’ low. Once you’re ready to get up and moving, we’ll hit up a Ghana tie dye & Kente making experience where you’ll learn about its origin and how it’s made. Poppin’, right?

  • Free morning

  • Ghana Tie dye and Kente making experience

Day 4

Sunday, December 29th

We’ll be leaving the city of Accra to head to the Cape Coast...and we’re not gonna will be filled with lots of emotion. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the castle where many Africans were held before being forced onto boats leaving for slavery in the Americas and Caribbean. For many of us, it will be a surreal, yet necessary, moment stepping foot in places our ancestors once dwelled. Following our trip to the castle, we will stop by the Kakum Walkway. This will give you a chance to decompress from the day’s activities...and snap that dope shot for the Gram *emoji eyes*

  • Drive to Cape Coast

  • Kakum walkway visit

  • Cape Coast Castle visit

Day 5

Monday, December 30th

Y’all know we couldn’t come to Ghana without tasting one of West Africa’s staple dishes, right?  Today we’ll head to one of the best Accra markets to pick up fresh ingredients for our Jollof Making Class! After, we’ll burn off some of those calories practicing your Shaku Shaku in an afrobeat dance class. We’ll end the night with fireworks to celebrate the new year!

  • Ghana Jollof Making

  • Afrobeats Dance lessons

  • Front Back / Fireworks watching

Day 6

Tuesday, December 31st

New Year’s Eve!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Nothing like bringing in the New Year with a little self care…& turn up! In the afternoon, we’ll head to an African Spa where you can relax and recharge. Later that evening, come get your life at one of Accra’s dopest local hangouts, Republic Bar. Grab a drink and toast to the new year!

  • Free morning

  • Africa Spa Day (Spa services not included in pricing)

  • Republic Bar

Day 7

Wednesday, January 1st

On our second to last day, we’ll be maxin’ and relaxin’ on Ada Beach. After we work on perfecting our melanated tans, we’ll hop on a private boat that’ll take us to resort where we can chill at the pool and grab some fresh fish & plantains!

  • Ada Beach day & Boat ride

Day 8

Thursday, January 2nd

This life changing trip has (sadly) come to an end. Say bye to your new travel crew. Make sure you exchange contact info so you can plan the next Jetwork trip *emoji eyes*

  • Leave Ghana

Day 9

Friday, January 3rd


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